How should you as an African woman show your man you love him and appreciate him? Read on.


In my earlier post (here) I talked of 10 qualities every woman should embrace to have a happier marriage and if you read that post, you now probably would want to see your relationship become better. My second post is then to show you various ways you can love your husband.


We African women, sometimes (if not often) tend to forget that our men too need lots of love. After all, isn’t the man supposed to be the stronger one, isn’t he supposed to be the loving one? Well, the truth is your man needs and expects more love than you can imagine.

Here are the ways you can show him the love:

  1. Hug and kiss him more: Hug and/or kiss your husband all the time possible e.g. when he wakes up, when he comes home, when in bed, after sex, when you bump into him on the corridor, etc. If a hug is not possible at a given time, even a pat will do.
  2. Take breakfast with him: I avoid saying cook breakfast and take with him because I know women too are getting busier every day so you may not cook but can you take most(or all) the breakfasts with him? This is love to him.
  3. Greet him by the door when he comes home: This sounds old school but it works miracles. Of course even vice versa is true.
  4. Create time just to be with him alone before bedtime: Women tend to disappear into the kitchen only to show up during meals and then next to bed. You will be more meaningful to your man if you just sat with him by the coach and talk instead of playing the super woman doing everything in the house.
  5. Appreciate him: Has he brought you a gift you don’t like, say thank you first. Has he done even an obvious thing to you, say thank you. Have you seen he looks smart, tell him so. He will be happier. Speak well of him in public
  6. Play and be silly with him: This I explained in my earlier post. Simply, do and tell all the funny things you can together. It shows love.
  7. Sleep on his arm/touch when in bed: Men feel abandoned when you keep distance while in bed so move closer, touch his feet, sleep on his arm if possible. Just stay closer.
  8. Send him a love text: While at work, surprise him with a sexy text, remind him how last night was great or how you are looking forward to tonight.
  9. Initiate sex: Think of that day you just want to turn the other side and sleep but then you surprise him by making the first move, he will give it to you like a mad bull.
  10. Show interest in his work and hobby: Men love it when you take interest in what they do.
  11. Give him his space and do not nag: Do not be over controlling (sometimes I am a victim of this so I keep reminding myself). Let him be alone if he wants to or if he wants to meet up his friends alone, do not insist you must accompany him.
  12. Smile to him: A smile gives life. Smile not only to him but all the time.
  13. Buy him a gift: This does not have to be expensive in case you are on a tight budget. Even a pair of socks is a gift.
  14. Tell him you love him: Yes just keep telling him you love him every day.
  15. Pray for him: I like finishing on a religious note. Pray for your husband when he is listening and when you are alone. He will feel the love.

Maybe you have been practicing some or most of the things above, there is always room for improvement. Most important is to remember that your man needs love and you need to give it to him consistently.


Did I leave something out? Let me know in the Comments Section below. May we all love our husbands more and enjoy greater marriages.