It is about ten days into the new year and I know for many of us life is ‘back to normal’ but then I have been thinking, what have we changed to make our health better in 2019 as African men and women? Are we back to our old habits of eating junk or overeating or worse still living our sedentary lives? The year is still fresh and you can still resolve to live a healthier life in 2019. Read the 9 tips below to help you improve your health in 2019.


1. Transform your meals into more real foods: Breakfast is the first meal of the day and I am sure you know it is the most crucial. So what have you been taking for breakfast in 2019? How about moving to more of real foods and less of processed foods? For example, you can replace your bread twice a week with cassava and twice with boiled corn. This will go a long way in improving your health in 2019. You can also intentionally move away from processed food and more into real foods across your meals.


2. Move some more: This may sound obvious but it is very crucial. Ask yourself how many hours you sit down before ever standing up. Are you one of those who when they get to office at 8 am the next time to stand is at lunch hour? That is very risky. We are advised to stand for about five minutes in every hour. Can you make this your habit in 2019? Take a five minute walk/break every hour and stretch out. It will go a long way in lengthening your life as it will make your heart beat better and your blood circulate better.


3. Meditate: I know you are still very busy in 2019 to make a living but meditating for 10 minutes a day will make you relax and think better. Meditating is a powerful tool that helps you connect with the present and helps you take stock. It also reminds you that your breath (gift of life) is more important than anything else and so nothing is more important than safeguarding your health and sanity.


4. Reduce your carbohydrates especially after 5pm: This is one of those hard things to do because most of us Africans were wired to think that the most important meal in a day is supper after a whole day’s hard work. Now you must train your mind otherwise and start reducing those carbs as the day nears the end. You can intentionally add your vegetables and fruits as you reduce the carbs.


5. Check what you snack on and change: Most of us are fond of eating junk i.e cakes/mandazi in between meals without noticing we are indulging into too much sugar. How about eating an apple in between meals instead? Or what about a cup of green tea or ginger tea instead?


6. Drink more water: If you are not yet at at least 2 litres a day, make a habit to drink water till you surpass this mark. How about walking to take a glass of water within your hour breaks?


7. Get enough sleep: Put in at least seven hours of sleep every night and this year you will enjoy better health. It is during sleep when your mental and physical body recuperate and get ready for another day.


8. Show gratitude: Most of us never know the power of being grateful of what we have. Gratitude shows contentment and contentment reduces stress. Instead of us worrying about what we do not have in this 2019, let us appreciate what we have even as we diligently work towards what we want.


9. Be intentionally happy: This is probably the most important point of them all. Smile and smile some more. Do not allow external forces to ruin your mood and spoil your day. When someone says something nasty to you today, ask yourself, will this matter by end of 2019? When things do not go as you expected, smile and tell yourself there is tomorrow to do better.


The above are simple tips we could incorporate and live a healthier life in 2019. You could add the tips working for you in the comments section below and together we will improve our health in this new year. Also check out my post on 10 tips to better yourself in 2019 that I had shared earlier. 


To a happier, healthier and more empowered you in 2019 and the years to come.


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