Cancer is a term for diseases where abnormal cells divide and multiply without control and affect nearby tissues as well as can spread to other parts of the body.


Most types of cancer affecting African women include breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. If you checked out the statics in your specific country and risk rates, this may shock you.
Well, no one really can place a finger on the causes of cancer but proven research shows that there are ways its risks can be reduced.


Below are ten ways in which any African woman can fight and reduce her cancer risk.


1. Make healthy food choices/eat healthy

When it comes to healthy eating habits, aim at reducing junk/fast foods, foods high in sugar, fats, processed foods and red meat.  Increase your fruit and real foods intake daily to ensure that your body immunity is well built thus reducing vulnerability to disease. You may want to check out my post on real foods vs processed foods here.


2. Exercise regularly/Be physically fit

With exercises, you can start by walking 20-30 minutes daily then venture into other strength exercises.
If you have any medical condition, seek physician’s advise before starting to exercise. Remember exercises do not have to be boring so choose what you enjoy most and start with it. For me, 20 minutes of intense aerobics every week day make me have enough energy to go through the week.


3. Avoid smoking and alcohol
Smoking and alcohol should be a no-go zone area especially if you have a family history of any type of cancer.

4. Avoid too much sun

If you can, seek shade between 11 am and 3pm to reduce your risks of skin cancer. If you are consistently exposed to the sun, consider wearing long sleeves, avoid black clothes, use an umbrella or a sun hat as well as wearing sunscreen.


5. Get vaccinated

Since some cancers are spread by bacteria and virus, ensure you are vaccinated against Human papilomavirus (HPV).


6. Get screened for cancer yearly

Some cancers such as cervical cancer can be found and treated before they cause symptoms. If the cancer is detected early enough, this can enable use of less severe methods when it comes to treatment.


7. Avoid exposure to radiation and other environment carcinogens

Use of high doses of radiation have been linked to breast cancer. Avoid this at all cost if you can. Exposure to radon (a natural radio active gas) increases risk of lung cancer so ensure you are not exposed to this at home or at work place.

8. Breast-feed

Breastfeeding is known to reduce the risk of cancer. The longer you breastfeed the better for you.


9. Dink lots of clean water

Water is life, never doubt that statement. Drink more than two litres of clean water daily.


10. Avoid stress
Stress makes your body more vulnerable to be attacked by diseases including cancer hence avoid it by all means. Always seek help when overwhelmed by Issues.


All the best. Also check out my post on  9 ways to improve your health in 2019 that I had shared earlier.


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