Happy New Year everyone! Do you plan to succeed in 2019? This is the time to plan for assured success.

So 2019 is finally here and with the holiday hullabaloos dying down, it is time to focus on the year that is before us. It is time to figure out how we will get through our 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes or 3153000 seconds given to each of us equally. That might look like lots of time at our disposal but I won’t be surprised if by end of 2019, you look back and say ahh! How did the year go by so fast now? I am however keen that you do not find yourself with such regrets. This is the time to plan for your 2019 success.

Remember, success is very intentional. It hardly comes by accident (and if it comes that way, it is hardly sustainable). So how do you position yourself for success in 2019? Read these 10 tips and see how you can better yourself to attain your desired success this year.

  1. Do not make New Year resolutions, make short-term smart goals instead, have a plan on how to attain these goals and start acting right away

It is common truth that hardly 10 percent of the people who make New Year resolutions stick to them even for a few months. If you know you are not among the 10 percent, why bother making 2019 resolutions? If you have already made these resolutions, discard them and change route.

I suggest you make short term goals that can be monthly then broken down to weekly, daily or even hourly. Set a plan on how to attain these goals and start acting right away. You may want to read how to set smart goals and how to actualize your goals.

  1. Make use of your spare time constructively (convert it into money or skill building), you will be surprised how much you have of it

This is one of those greatest lessons I learnt in 2018. I was to have started my blog in 2015 but only managed to launch it in November 2018 and one of the reasons of delay was, I was too busy. Now with a full time job (with no compromise of my employer’s time) I still have enough time to blog and convert my skills to getting an extra income.

Just have a reality check on how you are spending your free time, are you too much on social media? Can you convert those hours into learning a new skill? Starting a side hustle, writing that novel, etc?

  1. Drop the excuses, start acting (no more procrastination in 2019)

You have set your goals, you have a plan but somehow you cannot just start acting. You probably have a thousand excuses in your head. That is just laziness, wake up and take the first step. In fact start acting even when you feel afraid, the fear will go away as you start achieving.

  1. Choose the right friends/surround yourself with people who are alive with energy and positivity

Maybe you are wondering why you need to keep off negative people when they are friends or family members but I want you to ask yourself this question, how do I feel around this person? If you realize the person only fills you with negative energy, drop him or her if you are keen on focusing on your success. Remember negative thoughts only attain a state of despair. You don’t need that.

  1. Know when to change course/strategy

If you set smart goals only to realize your plan of actualizing these goals is not working, what do you do? Do you hold on because of fear of being seen a failure? No! Change your strategy and go with what works. With all the volatility around us, no one says there is only one ‘right way’.

  1. Seek help/expert opinion

No one is a know it all. If you want to pursue something you are not sure about, talk to someone who has already succeeded in it. Start with Mr Google and see how much info you can get free.

  1. Mind your health and happiness

These are two very key areas most people, especially African women ignore. They will make everyone else happy but neglect their own happiness. Now it is time to prioritize your happiness (because this will act as a motivator to pursue your goals more) and health. Here health is not just about weight loss but on total lifestyle change. See my article on this.

  1. Do not ignore your finances/save before you spend

How about you reading my article on great saving tips you can start applying right away? Bottom line is, save before you spend and live within your means. Save even for that special holiday this 2019.

  1. Remain focused and be consistent

This simply means say no to everything else that is likely to distract you as you pursue your goals. Sometimes, even new ideas may come up that can make you abandon your earlier goals but that will only lead to a waste of resources. You may consider pursuing the new ideas as additional goals but stick to what you have already set out to do.

  1. Remember to take a break and celebrate small successes/wins along the way (Embrace more gratitude and appreciation even of yourself)

Do not wait until the end of 2019 for you to celebrate a win you get this January; celebrate it right away and the celebration can be as a simple as a verbal acknowledgement of the achievement. When we become more appreciative, we get a new energy to on pursuing our goals the more. Also remember to get enough rest to avoid burnout.

The bonus point on this is invest in yourself. This probably cuts across many points above but it is key to be highlighted too. Read books/content and watch videos that grow you, learn a new skill, invest in that online course or that seminar and you will be headed for success.

I know there are more tips we could add to this list but I want to challenge you to start with the above and move out of your comfort zone. Take action. Small actions one day at a time will eventually amount to great success.


To a happier, healthier and more empowered you in 2019 and the years to come.

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